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About Us

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Keep all Cannabis Products Out of the Reach of Children!

All of our Cannabis Products are pesticide free, tested, labeled and tracked as required by Oregon State Law


Welcome to Green Monkey Meds

A Collective of Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (O.M.M.P.) Patients,Growers and Caregivers helping to provide Top Quality Cannabis Medicines to other O.M.M.P. registered patients through Oregon's Dispensary Program.


What We Do Best, and we do it well, is grow Quality, Top Shelf Medical Grade Cannabis Flower. We take pride in what we do and value the fact that our medicines are going to people with health issues who are registered under O.M.M.P. We have an indoor grow facility which is essential to providing the cleanest medicine possible. We use only organic nutrients such as, bat guano, fish emulsion, bone meal, blood meal and some other secret ingredients to enhance the flavors, aromas and effectiveness. From beginning to end we pay close attention every step of the way, not only to the growing process but also the drying and curing processes as well to ensure the absolute best medicines are getting to the patients.

Oregon's Medical Marijuana History... On Nov. 3, 1998, Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 67. The result of the "yes" vote allowed medical use of marijuana in Oregon within specified limits. It also established a state-controlled permit system. In December 1998, the Oregon Legislature passed Measure 67 into law. The law, known as the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (Oregon Revised Statutes 475.300 - ORS 475.346), provides legal protections for qualified patients; requires a physician-written statement of the patient's qualifying debilitating medical condition; allows for a caregiver to provide assistance; and mandates an Oregon Health Authority registration system. In May 1999, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) was created to administer the registration program under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is totally fee-supported. No state funds are used to support the program.

Compassionate Oregon has released a report titled,"The Case for Retaining and Improving the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program"....The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has become an integral part of health care for some 70,000 Oregonians. It provides a vital service to many who have exhausted all other sources for relief from chronic pain, cancer and other debilitating conditions, or who have found its benefits superior to pharmaceutical medications. The OMMP has also provided protection from criminal prosecution for its patients and established itself as one of the best medical marijuana programs in the country. The industry serving medical marijuana patients provides jobs for thousands of Oregonians in clinics, dispensaries and supporting businesses. In November 2014, voters passed Measure 91, an initiative that legalized and regulated the responsible adult use of marijuana for recreational purposes. This initiative expressly stated that "the ACT may not be construed to affect or amend the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act" and "[d]o not affect or amend in any way the functions, duties or powers of the Oregon Health Authority under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act." Despite these provisions, there has been discussion in the media, and by certain legislators, regarding rolling medical marijuana into Measure 91 regulation, as well as comments stating or implying that the OMMP was just a sham or a "foot in the door" for legalization and is now unnecessary. The urge to begin the process of ending a program long considered by some legislators to be problematic is understandable, but there should be no rush to diminish a program that has benefited so many Oregonians for so long. We believe that the OMMP can and should continue to exist, despite implementation of an adult use program-albeit with some improvements that will make both programs more effective...READ THE FULL REPORT HERE

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Oregon's Recreational Marijuana Bill 91 will provide taxes collected on marijuana sales for...40% to Common School Fund, 20% to Mental Health Alcoholism and Drug Services, 15% to State Police, 10% to Cities for enforcement of the measure, 10% to Counties for enforcement of the measure, 5% to Oregon Health Authority For Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Found in local Oregon Dispensaries low dose average 15% - 20% THC. Comes in 10 different flavors

Compliant Tested & Labeled Quaranteed Bug Free

Labs we use for testing:

Cascadia Labs LLC

Green Leaf Labs

3B Analytical

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Our X between Jack Herer and Pot of Gold

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