Overwatering: A Sin That Should Be Avoided While Handling Marijuana Potting Soil

Marijuana cultivation is a delicate process.

marijuana potting soil

Whether you are handling marijuana potting soil through the early stages of planting your cannabis seed starters or taking care of fully grown plants, you need to make sure that your greens do not die out on you and instead result in high-yielding plants that have flourished in a healthy environment.

However, even while having the best of intentions, there are some of us who go by the thinking of providing their plants with “enough” resources for them to survive, and end up giving an overabundance of them.

But since the excess of something never did any good for anyone, that approach seems to end in tears in the scenario of marijuana cultivation as well.

During the flowering phase, overexposure to light can do intensive harm to your marijuana soil and the plants that you have potted within it. However, that damage is often limited to one phase and depends upon the type of marijuana that you are growing through your cannabis soil.

What is more harmful for your cannabis soil is overexposure to water.

Before you throw judging and shade at us for the aforementioned statement, hear us out: We get it. Water is the source of life.

But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be harmful for something, especially when it comes to something as delicate as a marijuana plant.

No matter how rich of a weed soil you get, whether it is a cannabis living soil or soured out of expensive marijuana growing kits, it will always succumb to being too drenched with water if you are not careful about your watering schedule.

And as a result of being too damp, the marijuana soil would only cause your seeds to rot, even if it had originally been rich in good bacteria and microorganisms or had been the best cannabis soil on the planet.

The overabundance of water limits the ability of the weed soil from actually being able to have any positive effects on your planted marijuana seed starters. The microorganisms in a cannabis living soil cannot be functional in a very damp environment, since the wetness in its excess keeps most of them from performing the way that they are naturally supposed to.

With it, if your water actually has more alkaline levels than usual, then it could cause problems with pH levels as well, and that only presents another problem for you to solve. Since marijuana plants need a  weed soil that provides them with a pH level of 6, anything above that in terms of alkaline levels is just plain harmful to your cannabis plants.

Keeping these factors in mind, make sure that you do not go down the path of over-watering your marijuana soil, since that could only lead you towards the destination of bidding farewell to it in its useless, damp state.


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