What to Consider When Building Your Own Greenhouse

Tending to plants and growing your own produce can be a fulfilling way to spend your time. It teaches you the value of caring for things and the effort that goes into their beauty and it also shows you the value of the work people put into growing produce. When it comes to deciding to grow plants and produce in your home area, you might be thinking about the ideal place to do so. Sometimes, you might just run into a bad circumstance and find that the soil or the conditions in your area are not fit for growing. Fortunately, you can solve these woes by building a greenhouse.

Building a greenhouse on your home is a great way to create the ideal environment for you to be able to grow your own plants and produce. Greenhouses are able to sustain the optimal conditions for your plants so that they may be well tended to all year round. So when you are planning, what should go into your Greenhouse Design? Today, we are going to talk about what you should consider when building your own greenhouse.

  1. Attached vs Freestanding – You should first think whether you want your greenhouse to be attached to your home or have it being a separate structure entirely. The former offers an additional space to your house allowing energy to be shared and lessened costs while the latter creates for a better performing Greenhouse Design.
  2. Orientation – For areas with colder climates, greenhouses should be able to capture the energy from the earl morning sun which means they are directed towards the south or south-east. A western orientation should be avoided in most cases due to it being a risk for overexposing the greenhouse to heat.
  3. Proportions – A good ratio for the proportions of your Greenhouse Design would be 3:1. Take note that greenhouses that have a length less that the width, then it wouldn’t be able to maximize the solar gain when the sun is up. Greenhouses with a longer east-west axis are able to get more heat from the sun.
  4. Insulation – For any greenhouse, it is important to have the north and west wall insulated. If you are going to be using structural insulated panels or foam insulation, you best keep it sealed and dry as they are not build for the humid conditions created inside a greenhouse.
  5. Foundation – With building a structural foundation, there are a variety of materials that can be used and methods that can be applied. For building a greenhouse, you can apply it just as with any other structure. You may want to look into the regulations in your area with respect to engineering design and also concerns in liability for nearby schools and businesses.
  6. Roof slope – The slope of the roof should be one that is compatible with the climate in the area. Greenhouse designs that feature a 6/12 slope are built to shed off lots of snow for when winter comes and snow piles up on the roof of the greenhouse.

When You Use 420 Lodging, You Can Enjoy Your Vacation the Way that You Want To

If you are ready to party and you want a relaxing vacation, you may want to look into booking with Bud and Breakfast. They are a website that has all of the available lodging sites that are cannabis friendly. This is not only USA destinations but includes international areas also. You can use this website to book your vacation knowing that it is a marijuana friendly hotel that you can book for your next road trip or vacation. You can find the best one that meets your needs by using this website for your newest trip. When you want to relax and enjoy the vacations the way that you desire to take your vacation, you can use this website of Bud and Breakfast and you can find the perfect lodging that will fit your needs and fulfills the way that you want to enjoy your vacation. If you are ready to have vacations that will be free of worrying about whether you have to hide your cannabis, you don’t need to worry anymore. You can take the vacations that you want and use your substance freely with no worries about being told that you need to take your substance somewhere else. 420 RentalsThis can be the perfect vacation for you. If you are ready to truly relax, you need to let this website find the right destination lodging that you are looking for.

A vacation should be a place where you feel free to relax the way that you choose to relax. When you are ready to have the right vacations that allows you to relax and enjoy it the way that you want to, you will want to find your 420 friendly lodging and get your vacation booked with the services of Bud and Breakfast. They have all of the bud friendly lodging sites listed on their website including international sites. When you are a person that is ready to have the vacation, the way that you want it, you can count on this website to help you find the places that you want to stay for your vacation. They have lodging all over the USA and international places that allow cannabis and will make sure that you are comfortable and things are worry free for you. When a vacation allows you to enjoy it with your cannabis products, you will feel free to use it the way that you want to. Others at your destination will enjoy it and you can enjoy their company if you choose to.

Come to the website of Bud and Breakfast and find the perfect place for you to enjoy your cannabis experience. When you vacation with marijuana friendly hotels, you want to relax and enjoy your substance the way that you are used to. If you are from a state that allows the usage, you are used to relaxing with it the way that you choose. You can now also enjoy your vacation, the same way and enjoy the substance usage that you are used to.

How cannabidiol (CBD) works for treating anxiety

Cannabidiol ProductsCannabidiol (CBD) oil has gained prominence in recent years as a treatment for common illnesses in the US. CBD oil and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are compounds found in marijuana. CBD, unlike THC, does not cause a “high”, the euphoric feeling associated with marijuana use. Cannabidiol products including salves, supplements, and others are used by people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, and also as a favored remedy for worry.

Marijuana’s legalization across the US has accelerated research into the benefits of using CBD products for medical purposes. The legalization, which is not uniform across states, has led to the opening up of numerous CDB stores referred to as dispensaries, mostly operating over the internet. The number of companies processing cannabidiol products for alleviating common conditions has increased in the last few years.

Uses of CBD products

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), about 18% of the US population suffers from anxiety disorders, which are classified as mental illnesses. The most common treatment of these disorders is using medications and psychotherapy or a combination of the two.

Many people, however, choose to self-medicate using cannabidiol products. It is estimated that about 62% of marijuana users reported using CBD products as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and pain.

How CBD oils treat anxiety

CBD works by interfacing with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The ECS is responsible for controlling many of the functions of the body on a cellular level including sleep, memory, pain, and appetite. One of the primary roles of the ECS is recuperation from stress.

CBD works in combination with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a neurotransmitter. GABA is responsible for transferring messages between brain cells or neurons. The messages transferred by GABA are mainly warnings asking your body to back off. The neurotransmitter is also responsible for advising the body to shut down. This communication leads to lessened anxiety, resting, sensory system quietness, and muscle unwinding.

How CBD oil is used in the treatment of anxiety

Cannabidiol products have increased exponentially with a range of smoking or vaping products taking prominence. Many users of CBD products prefer using a vape pen, which is readily available in CDB stores. Many of the companies dealing with CBD products create vape pens specifically for assuaging anxiety. CBD oils can also be delivered into the body as edibles. CBD edibles mainly include brownies, chocolates, and cakes.

The standout means of combating anxiety, however, is the direct use of CBD oil, which is added to food or squirted under the tongue. Cannabidiol concentrates are preferred to generic marijuana products since they contain no THC and therefore are not inebriating. CBD oils can also be delivered into the body in vapor form. CBD oil is odorless, meaning that self-dosing should be carried out with caution.

CBD oil is effective for treating the range of anxiety disorders such as OCD, PTSD, and social anxiety. It is also a favored relief for sleeplessness, acrophobia, and dealing with tight deadlines at work. CBD oil is a good substitute for conventional medication.

Cannabis Seltzer, Milkshakes, and Coffee – The Next Big Trend

Step aside vaping. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Gone are the days when you saw so-called hipsters, actual intellectuals, and even your workout buddy moving about with a vaping pen in hand. With marijuana drink products now gaining sufficient traction, vaping is gradually being replaced by these specialty beverages. Cannabis Seltzer

Vaping enthusiasts are not the only group being enticed by this trend to consume products such as cannabis seltzer. Those who use marijuana regularly for medical or recreational purposes are also being drawn towards this growing trend.


How is Cannabis Being Served in Beverage Form?

CBD and THC drink products are gaining quite some popularity among the larger marijuana industry.

Products such as THC seltzer and soda are being sold in cannabis boutiques and dispensaries. Marijuana aficionados can also find the plant’s compounds in CBD based drinks such as marijuana seltzer, milkshakes and coffee in various other locations.

This means that the access to these specialty drinks is not limited to those who frequent cannabis dispensaries. Instead, anyone who is over 21 year of age and has a wish or a requirement to consume these cannabis products could buy them at regular restaurants or cafes.

The only stipulation here is that the establishment has to be cannabis friendly, and also ideally operate in a territory where CBD or THC consumption is legal. That is largely why marijuana drinks are getting so popular.

But if you have more burning questions in your mind, then read on for more details.


Why Are Marijuana Drinks Getting So Popular?

If you are one to have seen or dabbled in using marijuana only by smoking it, then you cannot be blamed for feeling surprised at this development.


While you may first feel baffled by the thought of consuming marijuana in a liquid form, it would definitely make sense to you when you look at it from an open mind.


It is More Accessible

Instead of having to strictly visit a dispensary to get your required amount of marijuana drink products, you can simply walk into a restaurant or cafe and buy these drinks easily. This means that even if you still have to follow the age requirement, you are free to purchase and consume marijuana products from a variety of locations.


It is Easier to Consume

Unlike having to buy marijuana flower, roll it into a joint and then finding a proper place with ample insulation, you can simply grab a cup, bottle or can of your favorite cannabis drink. From there, you can consume the beverage right away without having to worry about practicing your rolling skills or airing your room.


It Allows You to Consume Marijuana Without Disturbing Others

While consuming a marijuana drink in public, you can save others the trouble of having to inhale the smoke when they don’t want to. This means that you can easily consume marijuana in non-smoking places. Just make sure to control your THC consumption so you don’t feel “high” to the point where it leads to any issues with the premises’ owner.

Try Your Own Cannabis Seltzer Drink

Due to be launched soon, Oh Hi Seltzers offers cannabis seltzer that is available in a variety of flavors. The THC seltzer is going to be accessible to consumers over 21 years of age. For further updates, make sure to check out Oh Hi Seltzers’ website or follow its social media accounts.


How Can You Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Thanks to the advancements in telemedicine, there are quality solutions available for those who cannot or don’t want to travel to a doctor’s office to get their advice. With telehealth, such individuals can get qualified medical advice from real doctors without having to do the effort to go and physically see them.Medical Marijuana Card

This saves them the time, the exertion and the additional expenses of travel and transportation that are involved with a typical doctor’s visit. With telehealth, there is no need for you to drag yourself all the way to the doctor’s office. There are no waiting lines for registration. And there are no requirements for you to put up with a crowd of patients who would rather take your place in the queue the first chance they get.


Instead, you can move forward with meeting your doctor right through your home by the use of your computer or your mobile device. All you need is an internet connection, and you can text, voice call or video chat with a qualified physician to get medical advice and prescription. This also applies to special services such the recommendation for a medical marijuana card.


But since the practice to get your medical marijuana card online is not that common, those who have never heard of the service or used it have a plethora of questions. If you are one such person with inquiries of your own, then the following breakdown of process would help you understand how exactly can you apply for and obtain a medical marijuana card online.


The Process to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

In order to make sure that you can obtain a medical marijuana identification card in the first place, you need to check if your state allows such a program.


For instance, if you live in one of the 33 states where medical marijuana is legal, then you can safely contact medical marijuana doctors through a supported program. But there are nuances within each state’s laws that may prohibit you greatly.


For example, Texas is one of those states where medical marijuana is legal with some very strict regulations. This makes it quite difficult for the state’s residents to access it as compared to people in states such as California, where a California marijuana card is very easy to obtain.


If you live in a state such as California, then all you need to do is to reach out to a reliable telehealth portal that allows access to medical marijuana doctors. Then, you can follow the process outlined below.


  • Register for the portal’s service with your personal information (check if it is HIPAA compliant to keep your information secure).
  • Pay for the service according to the outlined fee using your credit or debit card, or any other payment method accepted by the company.
  • Connect to a medical marijuana doctor.
  • Discuss your symptoms and let your doctor assess your need for marijuana.
  • If your doctor thinks that marijuana can actually help you, you will be given a prescription, recommendation or a medical marijuana card.
  • This recommendation medical marijuana card would be also mailed to you in written form, so you could show it at a local cannabis dispensary.
  • From there, you can obtain your medical marijuana legally.

That’s it. As outlined above, the process to obtain your medical marijuana card is fairly easy. Just make sure to use your marijuana responsibly, and tell your doctor if you think the treatment is not working for you.

You Might Want a Dr. who is also a Marijuana Activist to Treat Your Mental Illness

When people are mentally ill, their life can be very difficult. If they have been diagnosed with any form of mental illness, they may want to seek treatment with medication to help them with severe depression or suicidal thoughts. Many times these kinds of people are helped too late. It’s critical that they see a psychiatrist and that they receive the proper medication. But too many times the medications don’t work well with some people. With the medication changing back and forth because of the patient not dealing well with the meds, sometimes it can be a hard road to find what works the best. When people are not getting the proper medications they can react in a desperate way, so it’s very important to get the medications right. It’s somewhat of a guessing game and it can take a long time to figure out the best solutions for each person. However, with the advancements and knowledge that is now being used and tested, many people are responding very well to medical cannabis. This is a big advancement and the results are very good. The psychiatrist called Dr. B. is a great example of someone who is using medical cannabis on his patients and is having very good results. He is called the Cannabis Psychiatrist.

Dr. B is very passionate about helping people with mental illness. He has helped people with very severe mental illness and has been able to do testing with medical cannabis to help people to get off of their current meds that may be causing other side effects. Once they get the medical cannabis, they usually respond very favorable and many claim that they have never felt better. marijuana activistDr. B is a marijuana activist and he has helped many people with medical marijuana usage and many have been able to get off their other medications. He has had remarkable results and the medical community is now recognizing how well medical marijuana can work for many people with mental illness. Dr. B has been able to see the difference in his patients and the difference has been very amazing. He is now a very big advocate of medical marijuana in the help that he has been able to give his patients. He is a very good doctor and has great results with the methods that he is using. He is very passionate about the findings and the results of many tests that have been done on mentally ill patients. The results are very good and the people getting the help are very excited about the help that they have been given.

Being a cannabis activist has drawn a lot of interest into Dr. B. He has had lots of experience with cannabis and sometimes will combine it with other holistic medication. He treats each patient with the respect that they deserve and is determined to help them with the right formula in treating their mental illness. With his cannabis experience in treating patients, he has been shown to help many people with their mental illness.




What You Should Know About Choosing a Marijuana Store to buy From

If you are going to be using marijuana either recreationally or for its medical uses, you will have to pick a good marijuana store to purchase that marijuana from. With the growing marijuana industries, more and more marijuana stores open up in the country. The marijuana store that you purchase marijuana products from will have an effect on your experience and the quality of the marijuana that you are buying. Because of that, it is very important that you choose the right marijuana store to buy some marijuana from.

Denver Cannabis

marijuana shop

So how do you know that you are choosing the right marijuana store to buy from? Today we are going to discuss a number of things that you should know that will help you to choose the right marijuana store ensuring that you have a pleasant experience and good marijuana consumption.

  1. Look into any nearby stores in your area – Convenience plays a very big part in purchasing a product. You don’t want to travel for hours just to get to a marijuana store to buy marijuana from. Do some research and see if you can find any marijuana stores in the vicinity. For people with health conditions, travelling far distances may not be possible. Once you find some marijuana stores in your area, list them down so that you can narrow down further.
  2. Know the budtender – When you first walk into a marijuana store, you will be greeted by the budtender. If you are fairly new to marijuana, you will want the budtender to be as accommodating to you as possible. Budtenders who care for their customers ensure that they get a good experience in the store and walk out happily with their purchases. A good budtender should also be able to address your concerns and educate you well about marijuana.
  3. Reviews are important – A marijuana store can easily present itself as being a quality establishment to potential consumers on adds and may even have a very good looking store. But what you should really give your attention to is the word on the street and what people are saying about that particular marijuana dispensary. If you find that many people have had a pleasant experience in that store, then you should expect to as well.
  4. Look into the selection of their marijuana products – Marijuana these days is not just limited to smoking. In marijuana stores you will find a variety of marijuana products that can be used in many different ways be it vaping, orally consuming, topically applying, etc. As a consumer you should know about what products the store is selling and see if you find the one that will click with your preference.
  5. Know their source (strains and growing methods) – The quality of the marijuana is greatly affected by how it was grown and produced. A quality marijuana store will only source from the best marijuana growers and sell the best quality of marijuana strains to make sure that their customers are happy and will keep coming back for more.