Cannabis Seltzer, Milkshakes, and Coffee – The Next Big Trend

Step aside vaping. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Gone are the days when you saw so-called hipsters, actual intellectuals, and even your workout buddy moving about with a vaping pen in hand. With marijuana drink products now gaining sufficient traction, vaping is gradually being replaced by these specialty beverages. Cannabis Seltzer

Vaping enthusiasts are not the only group being enticed by this trend to consume products such as cannabis seltzer. Those who use marijuana regularly for medical or recreational purposes are also being drawn towards this growing trend.


How is Cannabis Being Served in Beverage Form?

CBD and THC drink products are gaining quite some popularity among the larger marijuana industry.

Products such as THC seltzer and soda are being sold in cannabis boutiques and dispensaries. Marijuana aficionados can also find the plant’s compounds in CBD based drinks such as marijuana seltzer, milkshakes and coffee in various other locations.

This means that the access to these specialty drinks is not limited to those who frequent cannabis dispensaries. Instead, anyone who is over 21 year of age and has a wish or a requirement to consume these cannabis products could buy them at regular restaurants or cafes.

The only stipulation here is that the establishment has to be cannabis friendly, and also ideally operate in a territory where CBD or THC consumption is legal. That is largely why marijuana drinks are getting so popular.

But if you have more burning questions in your mind, then read on for more details.


Why Are Marijuana Drinks Getting So Popular?

If you are one to have seen or dabbled in using marijuana only by smoking it, then you cannot be blamed for feeling surprised at this development.


While you may first feel baffled by the thought of consuming marijuana in a liquid form, it would definitely make sense to you when you look at it from an open mind.


It is More Accessible

Instead of having to strictly visit a dispensary to get your required amount of marijuana drink products, you can simply walk into a restaurant or cafe and buy these drinks easily. This means that even if you still have to follow the age requirement, you are free to purchase and consume marijuana products from a variety of locations.


It is Easier to Consume

Unlike having to buy marijuana flower, roll it into a joint and then finding a proper place with ample insulation, you can simply grab a cup, bottle or can of your favorite cannabis drink. From there, you can consume the beverage right away without having to worry about practicing your rolling skills or airing your room.


It Allows You to Consume Marijuana Without Disturbing Others

While consuming a marijuana drink in public, you can save others the trouble of having to inhale the smoke when they don’t want to. This means that you can easily consume marijuana in non-smoking places. Just make sure to control your THC consumption so you don’t feel “high” to the point where it leads to any issues with the premises’ owner.

Try Your Own Cannabis Seltzer Drink

Due to be launched soon, Oh Hi Seltzers offers cannabis seltzer that is available in a variety of flavors. The THC seltzer is going to be accessible to consumers over 21 years of age. For further updates, make sure to check out Oh Hi Seltzers’ website or follow its social media accounts.


How Can You Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Thanks to the advancements in telemedicine, there are quality solutions available for those who cannot or don’t want to travel to a doctor’s office to get their advice. With telehealth, such individuals can get qualified medical advice from real doctors without having to do the effort to go and physically see them.Medical Marijuana Card

This saves them the time, the exertion and the additional expenses of travel and transportation that are involved with a typical doctor’s visit. With telehealth, there is no need for you to drag yourself all the way to the doctor’s office. There are no waiting lines for registration. And there are no requirements for you to put up with a crowd of patients who would rather take your place in the queue the first chance they get.


Instead, you can move forward with meeting your doctor right through your home by the use of your computer or your mobile device. All you need is an internet connection, and you can text, voice call or video chat with a qualified physician to get medical advice and prescription. This also applies to special services such the recommendation for a medical marijuana card.


But since the practice to get your medical marijuana card online is not that common, those who have never heard of the service or used it have a plethora of questions. If you are one such person with inquiries of your own, then the following breakdown of process would help you understand how exactly can you apply for and obtain a medical marijuana card online.


The Process to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

In order to make sure that you can obtain a medical marijuana identification card in the first place, you need to check if your state allows such a program.


For instance, if you live in one of the 33 states where medical marijuana is legal, then you can safely contact medical marijuana doctors through a supported program. But there are nuances within each state’s laws that may prohibit you greatly.


For example, Texas is one of those states where medical marijuana is legal with some very strict regulations. This makes it quite difficult for the state’s residents to access it as compared to people in states such as California, where a California marijuana card is very easy to obtain.


If you live in a state such as California, then all you need to do is to reach out to a reliable telehealth portal that allows access to medical marijuana doctors. Then, you can follow the process outlined below.


  • Register for the portal’s service with your personal information (check if it is HIPAA compliant to keep your information secure).
  • Pay for the service according to the outlined fee using your credit or debit card, or any other payment method accepted by the company.
  • Connect to a medical marijuana doctor.
  • Discuss your symptoms and let your doctor assess your need for marijuana.
  • If your doctor thinks that marijuana can actually help you, you will be given a prescription, recommendation or a medical marijuana card.
  • This recommendation medical marijuana card would be also mailed to you in written form, so you could show it at a local cannabis dispensary.
  • From there, you can obtain your medical marijuana legally.

That’s it. As outlined above, the process to obtain your medical marijuana card is fairly easy. Just make sure to use your marijuana responsibly, and tell your doctor if you think the treatment is not working for you.

Bud and Breakfast: Why is This New Form of B&B Getting So Popular?

What do you do if you happen to visit a state where marijuana is legal?

You look into marijuana friendly lodging, of course.

“Bud” and breakfast is a play on the age old term of “bed and breakfast” with a very clear purpose attached to its usage.

In this modern and marijuana-friendly twist on conventional B&B, you cannot only avail temporary lodging at private residences, but also enjoy the added advantage of consuming marijuana during your stay. 420 hotels

This means that while staying at a private residence, you do not have to worry about suppressing your craving for some well-deserved marijuana. A treat to have after a long flight or a train ride – or even because you simply feel like having it.

Just make sure that you are looking for such a marijuana lodging in a state where marijuana consumption is legal, just so you don’t get disappointed at not finding any such options.


Why is this Kind of B&B Gaining So Much Popularity?

To determine why 420 rentals like these are getting so popular, it is essential to understand the concept of bed and breakfast and why it is so important.

In a typical B&B, you are introduced to the comfort of home, the deliciousness of freshly made breakfast, and the warmth of waking up in a residence instead of a hotel room even hundreds of miles away from your own.

In addition to that, you also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The prices are competitive due to these B&Bs competing with large scale hotels.
  • The experience is more socially-rewarding than staying at a hotel due to interacting with homeowners.
  • Your stay is more customized and your needs are tended to more swiftly than at a hotel.
  • The action doesn’t only provide you with a cut on costs but also helps the hardworking locals earn some money on their own.


What are the Benefits of Staying at a Marijuana Friendly Lodging?

Now, a bud and breakfast also sports the same features as mentioned above, but with the benefit of being a marijuana friendly lodging.

This allows you to smoke freely in a room that comes with a large window, an attached balcony, or an open courtyard to enjoy your marijuana without thinking that you would upset the homeowner or fill the room with unwanted smells.

If you happen to select a marijuana lodging that provides additional services such as marijuana-centric tours around the town, then it only adds to your experience.

To add to these benefits, you don’t have to fret about going through friends of your friends to find a residential B&B that offers 420 friendly lodging. With dedicate platforms available online, you can find and book such rentals right from your phone.


You Can Book These B&B Listings Through Bud and Breakfast

Staying true to its name, Bud and Breakfast is an online portal which allows you to browse through country-wide listings of 420 friendly rentals. In addition to marijuana friendly bed and breakfasts, the platform also hosts listings of 420 hotels for those who want to keep their travels more conventional.

If you are planning a trip to a state where marijuana is legal and want to make the most out of the opportunity, then don’t hesitate from checking out the listings at Bud and Breakfast today.

Pain Management with Activity and Transdermal Cannabis

Bouts of continuous pain are definite concerns for all types of people. The onset of regular pain can be a significant contributor to a lower quality of life in more ways than one.

Individuals may witness issues such as the lack of interest in being able to go out and enjoy their life, the lack of incentive to socialize, and the lack of incentive to contribute to society in a meaningful manner.transdermal cannabis

Pain is a concept which we all seek to deal with as quickly and as decisively as possible. When pain comes about, we don’t dither in our reasoning, we aim to minimize the pain immediately and holistically over time.

Conventional medicine like opioids are now turning into an epidemic due to their expensiveness, dependence and addictive qualities. That is why, more and more people are now turning towards alternative therapies that would help them steer clear of conventional and expensive pain medication.


There are a variety of ways to conduct pain management in a holistic manner. Two of them are to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise, and the other is to seek relief through transdermal cannabis products.


The First Pain Management Method: Movement

The human body is capable of immense activities and there is great potential stored within. Many humans may not be tapping into even a tenth of their potential because of the modern lifestyle.

A modern lifestyle may call for one to sit behind a desk and stare at a screen all day which may make them less strong over time. Different programs exist that allow individuals to start training themselves to learn about and implement the different core values of strength, flexibility, agility, and overall self-maintenance and care.

These aspects of movement and physical exercise conducted in the proper manner may help the individual to relieve tension and pain. As such, individuals have the ability to reach within themselves and open up a world of opportunity to decrease their pain through physical activity, education, and proper training.

Practices such as pain management and functional movement can decrease harm and maximize therapy in each movement. When conducted properly, these different programs can combine the specialties of many different professionals to provide a practitioner of these different programs with peak performance.


The Second Pain Management Method: Transdermal Cannabis Treatments

Many swear by the wonders of CBD. It is no wonder then those researching transdermal cannabis have come up with different innovative solutions to minimize the pain that an individual may be feeling in their day to day lives.

These unique topical THC and topical CBD creams, lotions and other products bring in a whole new and improved way of approaching treatment and care in pain management.

These formulas utilize different mixtures of both CBD and THC to bring an effective and efficient method of the treatment of pain. They are available in different versions with only THC or only CBD. With that, they are also available in full spectrum CDB that also contains trace amounts of THC.

Anecdotal confirmation and research confirmation is present in the effectiveness of CBD. Many have utilized this new medicine and have been a part of this phenomenon. They have experienced the benefits of CBD and its applications in a variety of use cases.

Cannabidiol gel and other topical solutions with CBD or THC have helped individuals to minimize their anxiety, elevate their mood, and reduce their pain as well.

The Marijuana Industry is Booming and so is Dispensary Software

The state of Washington legalized cannabis fairly recently (six years ago in 2013) and it is now progressing from primarily being offline to the online world.dispensary software

It is an important trend to watch as technology is penetrating all aspects of the industry. A technology company in Washington called Jane Technologies is going door to door with various dispensaries and stores and they are placing their products online.

More than 40 retailers have signed up with the platform. These dispensaries have had to set up their own dispensary POS system, their own dispensary business software, and their own dispensary retail management software, and now they are also moving from the offline space to the online space by partnering with platforms such as Jane Technologies.

Jane technologies will allow individuals in Washington to order the product and reserve it and then head to the specific store and collect their goods. Innovations such as this almost act as extensions of dispensary software solutions. It gives these dispensaries marketing exposure and a potential avenue for client retention if they have the proper cannabis client retention software setup within house.

The dispensary business, just like many other forms of business, relies on strong foundations all throughout the sector to survive and thrive. It is not easy to run a proper dispensary without marijuana menu software and general cannabis software to make sure for the business to stay on track and meet its different goals.

And anyone familiar with the competitive cannabis sector would agree that meeting goals is important to staying competitive in this lucrative industry.

To summarize, for marijuana dispensaries, being able to streamline operations is of the utmost importance to make sure that their customers have the best experience possible.

Without the automation, data tracking, order processing, cannabis client retention and various other processes that are part of the day to day operations conducted in technological fashion, businesses would not be able to have an edge and stand the intensity of the cannabis industry.

Jane Technologies and its product offering is just another example of how this industry is progressing and growing at a rapid and sophisticated pace. Sophistication and automation within the cannabis industry is not just a luxury, it is quickly becoming a necessity.

This is where Cue Cannabis comes in and helps cannabis businesses of all kinds to improve their business processes.


The Cue Cannabis Marketplace Can Make a Significant Difference for Dispensary Shops

The Cue Cannabis software marketplace offers hand curated services that have significant authority and credibility within the industry.

These services vary from accounting and bookkeeping to point of sale, to seed to sale, menu integration, data security, marketing, loyalty, customer relationship management and so much more.

The Cue Cannabis marketplace has mapped out each and every crucial function of the dispensary and has made sure to bring the best service to meet the needs of dispensaries everywhere.

Therefore, if you are currently operating in the competitive cannabis sector or want to make it big by starting a related business soon, make sure to check out Cue Cannabis today for its dispensary software solutions.


Weed Soil Basics to Know About Before You Delve into Cannabis Horticulture

If the legalization of marijuana has made growing cannabis possible within your region, then you have all the right to be excited. After all, growing your own produce and plants is an exhilarating experience. And when the grow turns out to be a plant that you can enjoy in more than one way, then it gets all the better.weed soil

However, before you start your foray into cannabis horticulture and start to play with weed soil, cannabis seed starters or marijuana growing kits, learning a few basics would be in order.

Here are a few tips to know about the treatment of weed soil and cultivating cannabis that would help you in your journey to growing this wonderful plant.


Check the pH Level of Your Weed Soil

On a scale of 1 to 14, where 1 is “Extremely Acidic”, 7 is “Neutral” and 14 is “Extremely Alkaline”, a good marijuana potting soil has a pH level of 6.

If the pH level isn’t optimal and fluctuates by a degree or two on a consistent basis, then it wouldn’t provide a habitable environment for your marijuana seeds to grow. Therefore, ensure that the soil you get has an optimal pH level.


Check if Your Cannabis Soil is Organic

Nothing good comes out of a yield that is full of chemicals, and that holds true for cannabis plants as well. An organic cannabis soil cannot only provide you with healthier plants, but it also makes sure that they are free of any harmful chemicals.

Therefore, ensuring that you are using an organic marijuana soil is of the utmost importance.


Ensure That the Marijuana Soil is Not Too Difficult to Pot or Use

Even if you consider yourself to be a green thumb, you need to make sure that you are not taking on more than you can handle. This is true if this is the first time of you planting marijuana.

Having the assurance that the marijuana soil you are using isn’t too complicated is only prudent. But some cannabis soil variants ask you to gather various other kinds of cannabis soil before you can actually pot your plant. This only adds to the confusion that you as a first time grower already have.

Thus, ensure to select marijuana grow kits by a reliable provider, which come with everything you need to start potting your new marijuana seed starters. This way, you don’t have to wait a long time or run around to gather your marijuana potting soil ingredients.


See if the Growing Soil Offers Any Microorganisms

You may already know that good bacteria are important for any living organism to flourish and thrive. Marijuana plants are no exception.

In cannabis horticulture, a weed soil with microorganisms or good bacteria in it is referred to as a cannabis living soil. This soil has plenty of good bacteria with no artificial chemicals, which helps in making your plants grow healthily.

Thus, make sure that you get a marijuana living soil whenever you can.

Spiked Soil Can Help You Buy High Quality Cannabis Soil

As a renowned provider of cannabis soil, cannabis seed starters, organic cannabis soil, and cannabis living soil, Spiked Soil can help you with your purchase.

With a dedicate team at its disposal, the company ensures that it can answer any questions that you have before you complete your purchase. Therefore, if you have to buy cannabis soil, then reach out to Spiked Soil today.

Looking for a Fun Way to Enjoy Marijuana? Try the THC Seltzer

The concept of recreational marijuana stemmed out of the need of enjoyment, lighthearted fun, and other aspects as well.

Keeping this in mind, it is no surprise to see how marijuana consumption has transcended beyond traditional smoking and towards edibles, vaping, and drinks. And all these are considered as different ways to enhance the enjoyment that comes with consuming cannabis.

The latest addition to the fun ways of cannabis consumption happens to be cannabis or THC seltzer: carbonated water that makes for a cannabis infused drink.

The cannabis seltzer is quickly gaining popularity among the users of recreational marijuana, since it is not only a newer way to consume cannabis but also a refreshing one.

Here’s how the marijuana infused drink is bringing even more fun to the already enjoyable act of cannabis consumption.

Who Doesn’t Like Fizzy Drinks?

Whether it’s soda, sparkling water or seltzer, almost everyone likes at least one member of the fizzy drinks family. The bubbles make up for a fun way to consume their favorite drinks while making them taste better, which even includes something as simple yet refreshing as water.marijuana infused drink


And when that method is coupled with a substance that’s already enjoyable on its own, then it promises for a highly amusing experience.


That promise is what a seltzer THC drink brings to the table.


The Taste is Pleasing to the Palette

These marijuana seltzer drinks are not just made from simple carbonated water that comes with the flavor of marijuana leaves through it. They are actually enhanced by the addition of fruity and exciting flavors that bring out the taste notes of marijuana in a tremendous way.

And all of that can be experienced through a simple can of this THC infused drink.

It Is Ready to Drink

Since this seltzer cannabis drink doesn’t require any extra preparation and comes ready to drink from the can, the refreshing sip you may yearn for after a long day or on a hot afternoon outdoors remains just a reach away.

This makes these marijuana seltzer drinks a highly sought after item. Instead of caffeine induced energy drinks, you can actually have the calming and enjoying effects of THC in the same manner of ease.


It is Inexpensive

Since the TCH seltzer drink is made for mass consumption, it is not going to burn a hole in your pocket and actually remains quite as affordable as a regular carbonated drink. With that being said, those manufacturers who believe in this new class of cannabis infused drink make sure that it is of high quality.

This makes it an ideal choice of drink to have if you enjoy the taste and effects of marijuana, and if you like doing so on a budget.


Oh-Hi Drinks is Bringing the THC Drink to the Masses

Oh-Hi Drinks, a Colorado based THC drink manufacturer, aims to bring this refreshing new offering to the masses. Available in a variety of flavors, the marijuana seltzer drinks created by Oh-Hi Drinks are made to be consumed right off the shelf, which makes them an ideal product to have in your fridge.

Thus, if you enjoy marijuana and the sound of this marijuana infused drink, then reach out to Oh-Hi Drinks today for further details on how to order it.

How Does a THC Infused Drink Affect Your Health?

With the trend of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC infused drink products on the rise, more and more marijuana aficionados are turning towards them to consume cannabis in a new and refreshing way.

However, the same trend has also risen the question of THC’s safety, and whether it is a viable product to consume every other day. After all, if you like the flavor and the taste that a marijuana seltzer or cannabis drink has to offer, you wouldn’t just have it once a month.

Thus, with a product that is designed to be used frequently, it is highly important for you to know if it is going to have any long term effects.

To make the process of obtaining this information easier for you, we have put together a brief guide to THC’s effects on a person’s health. By going through the following points, you would be able to determine whether the substance is a right fit for you.


What is THC?

THC is one of several cannabinoids that make up for the natural composition of a marijuana plant and its psychogenic effects on humans.THC Infused Drink

These cannabinoids are simply natural compounds within cannabis, with each of them having a separate function to offer to their consumers.

At least 113 cannabinoids have been identified within marijuana and hemp plants, and more could be identified as the science regarding them progresses forward.

Along with cannabidiol or CBD, THC remains one of the most popular cannabinoids to date. While CBD is known to provide psychogenic benefits without inducing a feeling of euphoria, THC has its own advantages along with providing the “high” feeling that marijuana has become known for.

Thus, having a THC seltzer cannot just provide you with some bubbly, fizzy fun, but it can also lead you to the land of euphoria very easily. This, of course, is an advantage if that is your desired effect of having the drink in the first place.

As mentioned above, THC does boast a number of advantages for its consumers, which are outlined below.


The Effects of a THC Infused Drink

THC, and any THC drink by design has a few health benefits that have been reported by its users.

They range from helping with pain to nausea.

Pain: It can help alleviate pain effectively by calming the relevant receptors in the brain.

Low appetite: It can aid greatly with resolving appetite issues through its psychogenic issues.

Nausea: It can assist with relieving the feeling of nausea.

Muscle spasms: THC can relax and relieve muscles, and thus can also help with muscle spasms.

Insomnia: It can help those people with insomnia issues.

However, with these great health benefits, there are a few side effects as well. You may experience dry mouth, drowsiness, slow reflexes, and an increased heart rate among a few other side effects.

The pros outweigh the cons. However, the decision is solely based upon your current health condition and risks. By knowing these factors and assessing the best option for yourself, you may easily decide whether a THC seltzer drink is the best option for you.

Overwatering: A Sin That Should Be Avoided While Handling Marijuana Potting Soil

Marijuana cultivation is a delicate process.

marijuana potting soil

Whether you are handling marijuana potting soil through the early stages of planting your cannabis seed starters or taking care of fully grown plants, you need to make sure that your greens do not die out on you and instead result in high-yielding plants that have flourished in a healthy environment.

However, even while having the best of intentions, there are some of us who go by the thinking of providing their plants with “enough” resources for them to survive, and end up giving an overabundance of them.

But since the excess of something never did any good for anyone, that approach seems to end in tears in the scenario of marijuana cultivation as well.

During the flowering phase, overexposure to light can do intensive harm to your marijuana soil and the plants that you have potted within it. However, that damage is often limited to one phase and depends upon the type of marijuana that you are growing through your cannabis soil.

What is more harmful for your cannabis soil is overexposure to water.

Before you throw judging and shade at us for the aforementioned statement, hear us out: We get it. Water is the source of life.

But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be harmful for something, especially when it comes to something as delicate as a marijuana plant.

No matter how rich of a weed soil you get, whether it is a cannabis living soil or soured out of expensive marijuana growing kits, it will always succumb to being too drenched with water if you are not careful about your watering schedule.

And as a result of being too damp, the marijuana soil would only cause your seeds to rot, even if it had originally been rich in good bacteria and microorganisms or had been the best cannabis soil on the planet.

The overabundance of water limits the ability of the weed soil from actually being able to have any positive effects on your planted marijuana seed starters. The microorganisms in a cannabis living soil cannot be functional in a very damp environment, since the wetness in its excess keeps most of them from performing the way that they are naturally supposed to.

With it, if your water actually has more alkaline levels than usual, then it could cause problems with pH levels as well, and that only presents another problem for you to solve. Since marijuana plants need a  weed soil that provides them with a pH level of 6, anything above that in terms of alkaline levels is just plain harmful to your cannabis plants.

Keeping these factors in mind, make sure that you do not go down the path of over-watering your marijuana soil, since that could only lead you towards the destination of bidding farewell to it in its useless, damp state.


Spiked Soil Helps Its Customers With Maintaining Best Practices

Spiked soil is a renowned provider of marijuana living soil, with a team that focuses on guiding its customers through the many steps of using its marijuana soil and how to best care for it.

If you are looking to buy high quality cannabis soil, marijuana growing kits, or need tips on marijuana seed starters, then feel free to each out to Spiked Soil today!

Ask the Right Questions When at a Medical Dispensary

Walking Into a Medical Dispensary

Experiencing a medical dispensary for the first time can be somewhat exhilarating and overwhelming. One can be taken aback by all of the information present. The information can come in the form of the different types of cannabis that is offered at the place, the different names and the potential effects and the potential positive impacts that each of them could provide for an individual.

medical dispensary

In life it is always best to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. This way, you can prepare and not be surprised by particular issues that may come your way. This is true when scoping out a  medical dispensary as well.

First, you’ll want to know what the concept of a medical dispensary is really all about and then you’ll want to understand how to tell if one is truly legitimate.

After reading this guide, you will be able to walk into a medical dispensary like a pro.

Ready? Let’s begin our journey into the soothing world of medical marijuana.


It is Better to be Safe Than to be Sorry

As you investigate the world of medical marijuana, you will want to start with the basics. The very foundation of sourcing your medicinal herb starts with one simple but often overlooked aspect of safety. When dealing with medical marijuana, remember to watch out for their standards of care. You will want to ensure that they are sourcing and procuring the product correctly and that they are preserving it in a manner that will not detract from it in any way. You don’t want to have the slightest bit of negative experience with your strain and so you will want to pay close attention to who actually grows the product. You want your product to be growing in a sanitary environment in the best conditions possible. Remember that these are all questions that you can ask when you walk into the marijuana dispensary.

In regard to safety, you will also want to see how they interact with their customers. Are they following regulations? Are they only giving out the right weight of marijuana across the different sorts and forms? Are they asking for identification and are they checking the individual is the right age to participate? Are they checking if the individual is carrying a card or not?

When you are able to see that they play it by the book in some of these aspects, you will get a better feel for them and how they operate. If they operate in a proper manner in one aspect, it is likely that they are more willing to act in such a manner across the board.


Be Cool, Man

Thanks to websites such as Leafly and Weedmaps, you do not have to play the role of Sherlock. You can simply look at reviews and testimonials on recreational marijuana by other customers in their area. This also means that you don’t necessarily have to play the role of a killjoy and ask all of the questions that a safety inspector or some government official might ask.

For an experience that is stress free, visit Northern Lights Cannabis Co in Denver. As a Denver recreational dispensary and medical marijuana provider, Northern Lights can help you find answers to any questions that you may have.

Ask the questions you feel you need to ask, observe and don’t be too straitjacketed.

Buy your product, test it with a group of friends and see what your thoughts are.

Relax, be cool and have fun.