Topical Cannabis Applications

There are many more cannabis products on the market today than there ever was before in our Nation’s history. The reason for this is mainly due to the growing progressive views in the United States. People are trusting the government less and less and trusting science more and more, especially in the younger, college-educated generations. With this new collective way of looking evolve formulasat things, people are more receptive to trying new things that were even considered taboo in the past. Marijuana is no longer a bad thing in the majority of Americans’ eyes. In the distant past, the only way known way to consume cannabis was to smoke it. Later on, people eventually came to discover that it was possible to grind up the dried cannabis bud, then put it in a warm fat until the psycho-active compounds dissolved, leaving behind a THC and CBD infused fat that could then be used in cooking and baking to create food that could administer cannabis via consumption of the THC/CBD ingrained foods.  


Since then, cannabis research and innovation have grown significantly and so too have the variety of consumable products that have been developed for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana users alike. A relatively recent way to introduce the effects of cannabis into human beings has been flooding the legal cannabis market as of late. NanoSerum, a form of transdermal serum (topical cannabis), has been developed by the brilliant minds over at Evolve Formulas. The wonderful people over at Evolve Formulas are now offering their award-winning NanoSerum. According to Evolve Formulas, their “groundbreaking NanoSphere Delivery System nano-sizes cannabis to readily and effectively cross mucosal barriers into the bloodstream and cells.”


Their NanoSerum has undergone successful testing, proving its benefits time and time again. Evolve Formulas’ clinical testing is ever ongoing and has confirmed the efficacy and bioavailabilty of all of their fantastic and cutting edge, groundbreaking products in which they offer to their customers.


Evolve Formulas’ NanoSerum has a proven successful and reliable nanoparticle deliver system. According to their website, “Evolve has the first and only patented nanoparticle delivery system to be absorbed across the mucosa into the body… for results you can feel!  Evolve Formulas supplies their NanoSerum to cannabis dispensaries. Other purchase options are available. Check out Evolve Formulas website for more information on that.


There are two main different NanoSerums that Evolve Formulas has developed so far. The first is their Transdermal NanoSerum THC. According to Evolve Formulas, Transdermal NanoSerum THC is “a potent cannabis transdermal serum using nanotechnology for superior delivery, absorption and bioavailability. Soothing and relaxing, it is perfect for use on chronic pain, inflammation, muscle aches, soreness, headaches and anxiety or stress.”


The other NanoSerum that Evolve Formulas has recently had to offer is the Transdermal NanoSerum CBD with Resveratrol. According to Evolve Formulas, Transdermal NanoSerum CBD with Resveratrol is “a potent cannabis transdermal serum using nanotechnology for better delivery, absorption and bioavailability. Powerful and non habit-forming therapy using CBD in an optimal 10:1 ratio for maximum therapeutic benefit. This effective combination has been shown to be useful in a wide spectrum of ailments from anxiety to cancer. Our thoughtful formulation also features resveratrol for its rejuvenating, protective and anti-oxidant effects.”


What do you have to lose? Give them a try today. Evolve Formulas also offers NanoSerum THC sample packs for those of us unsure of what product option would best suit our needs.