Bud and Breakfast: Why is This New Form of B&B Getting So Popular?

What do you do if you happen to visit a state where marijuana is legal?

You look into marijuana friendly lodging, of course.

“Bud” and breakfast is a play on the age old term of “bed and breakfast” with a very clear purpose attached to its usage.

In this modern and marijuana-friendly twist on conventional B&B, you cannot only avail temporary lodging at private residences, but also enjoy the added advantage of consuming marijuana during your stay. 420 hotels

This means that while staying at a private residence, you do not have to worry about suppressing your craving for some well-deserved marijuana. A treat to have after a long flight or a train ride – or even because you simply feel like having it.

Just make sure that you are looking for such a marijuana lodging in a state where marijuana consumption is legal, just so you don’t get disappointed at not finding any such options.


Why is this Kind of B&B Gaining So Much Popularity?

To determine why 420 rentals like these are getting so popular, it is essential to understand the concept of bed and breakfast and why it is so important.

In a typical B&B, you are introduced to the comfort of home, the deliciousness of freshly made breakfast, and the warmth of waking up in a residence instead of a hotel room even hundreds of miles away from your own.

In addition to that, you also get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The prices are competitive due to these B&Bs competing with large scale hotels.
  • The experience is more socially-rewarding than staying at a hotel due to interacting with homeowners.
  • Your stay is more customized and your needs are tended to more swiftly than at a hotel.
  • The action doesn’t only provide you with a cut on costs but also helps the hardworking locals earn some money on their own.


What are the Benefits of Staying at a Marijuana Friendly Lodging?

Now, a bud and breakfast also sports the same features as mentioned above, but with the benefit of being a marijuana friendly lodging.

This allows you to smoke freely in a room that comes with a large window, an attached balcony, or an open courtyard to enjoy your marijuana without thinking that you would upset the homeowner or fill the room with unwanted smells.

If you happen to select a marijuana lodging that provides additional services such as marijuana-centric tours around the town, then it only adds to your experience.

To add to these benefits, you don’t have to fret about going through friends of your friends to find a residential B&B that offers 420 friendly lodging. With dedicate platforms available online, you can find and book such rentals right from your phone.


You Can Book These B&B Listings Through Bud and Breakfast

Staying true to its name, Bud and Breakfast is an online portal which allows you to browse through country-wide listings of 420 friendly rentals. In addition to marijuana friendly bed and breakfasts, the platform also hosts listings of 420 hotels for those who want to keep their travels more conventional.

If you are planning a trip to a state where marijuana is legal and want to make the most out of the opportunity, then don’t hesitate from checking out the listings at Bud and Breakfast today.