Cannabis Seltzer, Milkshakes, and Coffee – The Next Big Trend

Step aside vaping. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Gone are the days when you saw so-called hipsters, actual intellectuals, and even your workout buddy moving about with a vaping pen in hand. With marijuana drink products now gaining sufficient traction, vaping is gradually being replaced by these specialty beverages. Cannabis Seltzer

Vaping enthusiasts are not the only group being enticed by this trend to consume products such as cannabis seltzer. Those who use marijuana regularly for medical or recreational purposes are also being drawn towards this growing trend.


How is Cannabis Being Served in Beverage Form?

CBD and THC drink products are gaining quite some popularity among the larger marijuana industry.

Products such as THC seltzer and soda are being sold in cannabis boutiques and dispensaries. Marijuana aficionados can also find the plant’s compounds in CBD based drinks such as marijuana seltzer, milkshakes and coffee in various other locations.

This means that the access to these specialty drinks is not limited to those who frequent cannabis dispensaries. Instead, anyone who is over 21 year of age and has a wish or a requirement to consume these cannabis products could buy them at regular restaurants or cafes.

The only stipulation here is that the establishment has to be cannabis friendly, and also ideally operate in a territory where CBD or THC consumption is legal. That is largely why marijuana drinks are getting so popular.

But if you have more burning questions in your mind, then read on for more details.


Why Are Marijuana Drinks Getting So Popular?

If you are one to have seen or dabbled in using marijuana only by smoking it, then you cannot be blamed for feeling surprised at this development.


While you may first feel baffled by the thought of consuming marijuana in a liquid form, it would definitely make sense to you when you look at it from an open mind.


It is More Accessible

Instead of having to strictly visit a dispensary to get your required amount of marijuana drink products, you can simply walk into a restaurant or cafe and buy these drinks easily. This means that even if you still have to follow the age requirement, you are free to purchase and consume marijuana products from a variety of locations.


It is Easier to Consume

Unlike having to buy marijuana flower, roll it into a joint and then finding a proper place with ample insulation, you can simply grab a cup, bottle or can of your favorite cannabis drink. From there, you can consume the beverage right away without having to worry about practicing your rolling skills or airing your room.


It Allows You to Consume Marijuana Without Disturbing Others

While consuming a marijuana drink in public, you can save others the trouble of having to inhale the smoke when they don’t want to. This means that you can easily consume marijuana in non-smoking places. Just make sure to control your THC consumption so you don’t feel “high” to the point where it leads to any issues with the premises’ owner.

Try Your Own Cannabis Seltzer Drink

Due to be launched soon, Oh Hi Seltzers offers cannabis seltzer that is available in a variety of flavors. The THC seltzer is going to be accessible to consumers over 21 years of age. For further updates, make sure to check out Oh Hi Seltzers’ website or follow its social media accounts.