Weed Soil Basics to Know About Before You Delve into Cannabis Horticulture

If the legalization of marijuana has made growing cannabis possible within your region, then you have all the right to be excited. After all, growing your own produce and plants is an exhilarating experience. And when the grow turns out to be a plant that you can enjoy in more than one way, then it gets all the better.weed soil

However, before you start your foray into cannabis horticulture and start to play with weed soil, cannabis seed starters or marijuana growing kits, learning a few basics would be in order.

Here are a few tips to know about the treatment of weed soil and cultivating cannabis that would help you in your journey to growing this wonderful plant.


Check the pH Level of Your Weed Soil

On a scale of 1 to 14, where 1 is “Extremely Acidic”, 7 is “Neutral” and 14 is “Extremely Alkaline”, a good marijuana potting soil has a pH level of 6.

If the pH level isn’t optimal and fluctuates by a degree or two on a consistent basis, then it wouldn’t provide a habitable environment for your marijuana seeds to grow. Therefore, ensure that the soil you get has an optimal pH level.


Check if Your Cannabis Soil is Organic

Nothing good comes out of a yield that is full of chemicals, and that holds true for cannabis plants as well. An organic cannabis soil cannot only provide you with healthier plants, but it also makes sure that they are free of any harmful chemicals.

Therefore, ensuring that you are using an organic marijuana soil is of the utmost importance.


Ensure That the Marijuana Soil is Not Too Difficult to Pot or Use

Even if you consider yourself to be a green thumb, you need to make sure that you are not taking on more than you can handle. This is true if this is the first time of you planting marijuana.

Having the assurance that the marijuana soil you are using isn’t too complicated is only prudent. But some cannabis soil variants ask you to gather various other kinds of cannabis soil before you can actually pot your plant. This only adds to the confusion that you as a first time grower already have.

Thus, ensure to select marijuana grow kits by a reliable provider, which come with everything you need to start potting your new marijuana seed starters. This way, you don’t have to wait a long time or run around to gather your marijuana potting soil ingredients.


See if the Growing Soil Offers Any Microorganisms

You may already know that good bacteria are important for any living organism to flourish and thrive. Marijuana plants are no exception.

In cannabis horticulture, a weed soil with microorganisms or good bacteria in it is referred to as a cannabis living soil. This soil has plenty of good bacteria with no artificial chemicals, which helps in making your plants grow healthily.

Thus, make sure that you get a marijuana living soil whenever you can.

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